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The future: technology that allows printing "fly"

The afternoon of September 21, by the Guangdong Provincial Association for science and technology, Shenzhen science and Technology Association, printing industry association, Guangdong Province, lijia creative cultural industry Park (popular science education base in Shenzhen), Shenzhen printing Association, co-organised by Shenzhen printing Association of the 2012 National Science Popularization day print culture and the popularization of science and technology in Shenzhen, Longgang District henggang 109th Seneca Seneca road creative cultural industry Park in full swing.
the Science Popularization day campaign to "Science and technology promote transformation and upgrading of the printing industry" lecture, from the well-known printing enterprises in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong enterprises and related to the printing industry groups over more than 100 people attended the lecture. And invitation to the members of the national technical Committee of standardization of printing and book printing Standardization Technical Committee Secretary-General, the Director of the Shenzhen Polytechnic College of media and communication Ms Wang Lijie, senior lecturer in printing Heidelberg Zuo Zhiyu, South China University of technology after Dr Duan Huawei, Hewlett-Packard, industrial wide-format printing sales manager Chen Liang, China, KBA training centre manager Commissioner Zhisheng Huang Cen Zhenhui and cobalt color, and process management, Creative cultural industry Park, lijia, General Manager of Ma Songmian and discussion on common printing yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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