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Talk about the future development trend of label printing

From a long-term perspective, the construction and improvement of cloud computing, Internet of things, will no doubt be the promotion of digital ink-jet technology and inkjet printing system popularization and application plays a great role. Due to the powerful remote data control and integration capabilities, cloud computing can require huge funding and support, and personalized digital label printing for printing companies are pursuing, a breeze. For Internet, digital label has become a cornerstone in its application.
for example, our country is now implementing electronic drug monitoring code. Strictly speaking, electronic monitoring code does not belong to a real cloud computing category. Its main significance lies in accelerating the establishment of product quality supervision networks and drug safety tracking system, improving drug identification system and an inspection system. But in the long term, it's not limited to this. Each drug has its own identity, means that every batch of drugs from the production, the factory, to enter the library of drug dealers, hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy to do every step of the electronic register network system will store the data and information of all drugs. In this way, its blocking counterfeits, the inlet and outlet of your medicine at the same time, more effective protection of standardizing and improving the health care system.
and the other will have important implications for label printing is e-commerce, the rapid growth of online shopping. With the popularity of online shopping, continuing problem is the problem of product personalization, and security products, sale of goods issues. This new mission entrusted to the label. Many producers, label printers and inkjet technology vendors and industry chain manufacturers began to hope for cooperation, to build online Internet platform for product regulation, logistics control, and that's all the premise is the need for the label and the packaging ink-jet printing related queries and security information. In other words, the labels, especially personalized labels, will become the cornerstone of cloud computing, Internet of building and improving.
label printing personalized labels and future needs, so that only two possible future development of label printing technology: one is based on the traditional print, the label added to the process of printing digital printing capabilities, namely hybrid digital printing; the second is direct digital label printing with digital printing technology.
because of the large traditional printing equipment investment and individual market demand restrictions, makes most of the label printing enterprises in the transition to a digital printing is still undecided minds. In this case, digital inkjet systems combined with the traditional label printing equipment, become an ideal choice of label printing enterprises. This solution provides a small investment, high profit fast path, preserving traditional printing user's original investment and business volume at the same time, also provide flexible hybrid digital printing services, for traditional label printing companies provide value added digital printing services to open the door for label printing enterprises in the future prepare its transition to digital printing.
digital label printing equipment currently on the market can be divided into two categories, one is a dedicated digital label presses, such as Hewlett Packard, sky and other foreign manufacturers to launch the label market-oriented digital printing presses. Other is an independent digital printing system, which can be used as a separate print unit, but also with traditional flexo, offset, screen printing or printing post-processing technology combined with high flexibility.
this digital upgrade domestic label printing market needs and market opportunities, the manufacturers now have galvanized, the introduction of label printing system, founder of founder Eagle Jie color label printing system launch. Founder Eagle Jie color label printing systems are fully modular design, highly integrated in each printing unit, can be easily installed in a variety of Web, sheet-fed printing press and many prepress processing devices, meet customers massive variable data processing and printing, short Board color label printing and other new demands quickly, production capacity, seize market opportunities.
construction and perfection of summary on cloud computing, Internet of things, will no doubt be the promotion of digital ink-jet technology and inkjet printing system popularization and application plays a significant role, such as the national drug supervision code led to the inkjet printing system in drug packaging production enterprises rapidly spread.
founder is committed to using its own software and the advantages of inkjet printing technology, and packaging label industry partners actively promote cloud computing, platform of the Internet of things, to work together to build a safe, practical, environmentally friendly, personalized digital inkjet labels, security industry.